Soon to be on exposition to view at Galerie SORS, the Space 3 rug from the Spacecrafted Collection by Jan Kath is a quentissential guidebook to the infinite possibilities which are achieveable with a rug created by Jan Kath. Often combining a foundation of classic oriental motifs with modern deconstructed patterns on built-up layers of an abstract nature, Jan Kath creates rugs with themes which stun the senses. Handmade principally from Tibetan Highlands wool with flawless execution, the rugs expose an expertise of craft and high level of character with a highly sophisticated and complex use of color, interwoven multi-level aspects of silk and wool which manifest three dimensional textures, and daring conceptual translations of space satellite photography, abstract contemporary paintings and even graffiti street art.  His award-winning carpets are exhibited in various art and design museums and represented worldwide by select dealers and his own mono-brand showrooms. Each Jan Kath rug is handmade and highly customized with more than 1,200 colors available.