Ilia sergeevich potemine


Ilia Sergeevich Potemine is just 30 years old and he is Italian-Russian: the original double agent. You may think he’s a designer but in reality he’s an airline pilot. The sky is his playground, the sun a revolutionary star and he has only dropped in on this earth for the time it takes for a quick layover. For the time it takes to design the extraordinary lights that are in complete contrast with what the mainstream is doing. ISP lamps.//Ilia Sergeevich Potemine, 30 ans tout juste, est italo-russe : agent et accent double. On le croit designer, mais il est pilote d'avion. Le ciel est son espace, le soleil un astre révolutionnaire, et la terre une escale temporelle pour le temps de dessiner des luminaires fulgurants imaginés en pleine rupture mainstream. Pour inventer les lampes ISP.