Orion, 2019

Orion, 2019


Limited edition of 33, signed and numbered

Stainless steel with galvanized gold finish.

A suspension lamp taking its name from Orion, the hunter.

Orion courted Merope, the daughter of King Oenopius, who for the insult, made him blind and threw him out from his kingdom. Later the poor Orion met Hephaestus, the Smith of the Gods, who, moved to compassion from his story, created for him a pair of mechanical eyes. And Orion, happy to have regained his sight, began to hunt again in the company of his faithful dog, Sirius, and continues to do so even today, eternally crossing the night sky.

Orion illuminates the space and reflects the light on its external surfaces, which live in a thousand glows that shimmer in the dark.

The piece can be produced in a galvanized silver finish.

L 158 W 49 H 25 ( cm )

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